Sayesh General Trading LLC, has developed a new line of tools that incorporate theft-prevention and inventory management technology. Incorporating Bluetooth-enabled technology with powerful, lightweight lithium ion batteries, the new range of Hyusan-branded tools allowing users to track, locate and remotely-disable tools, acting as a significant deterrent to potential thieves and reducing Hyusan-branded tools’ black-market appeal. No other manufacturer is currently offering a similar product at the same price point.

Research and development in the field of development, expansion and transfer of science and technology of tool making and expanding foreign and domestic commercial activities, with the knowledge that in the present age there are only successful companies and individuals who dominate the local and regional markets. To be honest, one of the main goals of this series was at the beginning of its establishment.

With its empowerment and with sufficient knowledge and information in the field of time management and business, HYUSAN started importing tools and provided the opportunity to purchase quality goods for people and to improve their tools capabilities to meet the needs of the community. It provides its clients with the tools and tools they need to live and work and security.

Drawing on a bright future horizon, this series is moving in line with world trade in a growing process and is thought to raise the level of trust between particular customers and the privileged community.